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A World of Great Faces I collect faces.   Really, everyone collects SOMETHING and my passion has always been faces.   Even as a child I loved people watching at the store, park or school. Watching expressions. Seeing how the DNA mixed and matched with families. You know, how you look a lot like your […]

Where were you before Google? How has your world changed in the last 10 years? Where were you before Google? Remember a time before smart phones, google being the “all knowing resource” shopping at the Mall?   Not long ago sports were done mostly outside while now there are huge arenas filled with spectators watching […]

Spring High School Senior Photos It’s a big day for parents also. After 12 years of homework, sports, broken hearts and a lot of growing up the senior class of 2017 is near the finish line.   In mere months the colleges of America will see the infusion of fresh faces eager to take on […]

Who is best Redding Photographer Look around outdoors and you will see about half of the golden leaves are already on the ground. It’s a sad time for me as I love the blast of warm colors and cooler weather to work outside. The short 2-3 week window we get each year to enjoy this […]

Fall High School Seniors It’s that time of year when we are getting our “second shift” of fall high school seniors. Right now, before all the beautiful color leaves are on the ground there is a last minute push for senior and family photos. Some of these last minute seniors kids are from the smaller […]

  Senior pictures show personality How can Senior pictures show personality? Easy… get involved with the creative process of clothing, props and style. You do not have to settle for the cookie cutter yearbook shots that look like Grandma’s high school photos. You are unique. You have ideas, passions and interests. You have a choice of […]

High school sports portraits The first Yearbook Deadline for the 2017 senior class is Monday. Do you have the photos you want for the class and Grad Ads? Ten years from now when you and friends look back at your photos will you see just the boring cookie cutter mug shot or a dynamic portrait […]

    Creative Seniors show personality and reveal style with the clothing and props they bring to the photoshoot. These last weeks before senior deadlines are my favorite for shooting. It’s so much cooler outside after school. The fall colors are starting to peek in some of the outdoor shots. A lot of the guys […]

  Is your 2017 senior done with senior portraits yet? Deadlines are right around the corner and prime shooting times are filling up fast. You can still get an indoor and outdoors session with up to 5 outfits for guys and girls for only $59. Girls can add a full hair and face MakeOver from […]

    Where do I get senior pictures? It was not that long ago when most high school seniors in Redding could choose the photographer they wanted for their senior portraits. For decades they could choose the pose and clothing that showed real personality and not just the cookie cutter mug shot that blended into the […]