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your life is EXTRAORDINARY. your portraits should be too.

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I work primarily with families to create Heirloom Wall Portraits so that they, and their children have something to remember each other by. I promise to show you the beauty and charm others see with the best portraits you've ever seen of yourself. And by the way, it will be fun...!  
J-Rob Studios Photography is dedicated to creating and capturing extraordinary images you will display on your walls proudly for years to come.  

"You don't take a photograph, you make it" ~Ansel adams

Portraits That Last A Lifetime

An image is a time capsule, taking you back to who you were and the life that you've lived. Your life isn't boring
or ordinary and your portraits shouldn't be either. Creating a portrait that will last a lifetime is about highlighting the best of who you are.


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In addition to fine art portraiture I also do volume photography including schools, sports teams and some events. I do these with the same creative mindset often building elaborate sets or using dramatic lighting to make the images stand out from the rest.  

-Rob Studios offers a variety of portraits. People who seek out my service are often looking for something different & special. Children are the most fun, Seniors the most interesting, and families the most loving. It's not uncommon to go from handshakes to hugs throughout the process.


i look forward to working with you!