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your life is EXTRAORDINARY. your portraits should be too.

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  If you are like me, your friend’s neighbor sister’s daughter has a camera and is offering “professional” photos to you at a great price. You’ve likely wondered if there was more than your typical run of the mill options that can give you really unique imagery. Prints for your walls instead of digital files to be tucked away on your computer.
 Pictures that you love and will showcase even 20 years from now.
  I know you want to standout and it’s frustrating to not get the unique pictures you imagine.
J-Rob Studios Photography is dedicated to creating and capturing extraordinary images you will display proudly for years to come.  

"You don't take a photograph, you make it" ~Ansel adams

Portraits That Last A Lifetime

An image is a time capsule, taking you back to who you were and the life that you've lived. Your life isn't boring
or ordinary and your portraits shouldn't be either. Creating a portrait that will last a lifetime is about highlighting the best of who you are.


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In addition to fine art portraiture I also do volume photography including schools, sports teams and some events. I do these with the same creative mindset often building elaborate sets or using dramatic lighting to make the images stand out from the rest.  

-Rob Studios offers a variety of portraits. People who seek out my service are often looking for something different & special. Children are the most fun, Seniors the most interesting, and families the most loving. It's not uncommon to go from handshakes to hugs throughout the process.


i look forward to working with you!