Do you have “IT”? A lot of Redding Kids do. The most famous models, actors and celebs all have “IT”. Surely at some point you have heard of the famed “IT” girls… Like my daughter Ashley they can stroll into a room, flash a dazzling smile, and elevate the vibe and laughter just being there. […]

It happens all the time. Your kids pictures on the wall and on your phone tend to weigh heavily on the oldest child. The first kidling into the family is lavished with all the attention of family and friends. The camera and video documentation is endless, parents just cannot get enough from the new addition. Parents, grandparents, […]

With Christmas just days away thoughts for an exciting and profitable 2016 may be on the back burner. However if you own or manage a local business you know it can never be far from your immediate thoughts to stay on top of regulations, competition, staff and marketing. You see everyday how old school techniques […]