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Fathers Day Ideal Gifts The greatest gift for dad and Fathers Dad? Not a new boat or weekend in Vegas. Definitely not another tie or new lawn mower for the back 40. How about portraits of his family? The kids are growing up so fast and he does not always have the time he needs […]

Redding Valentine’s Family Portraits What is the greatest gift you can give to family for Valentine’s Day? A family portrait of course.   Show and share the unity of your clan with a new family photo for the living room wall in your home. Show your kids how you value them with a great group […]

Holiday Family Photos The kids are getting antsy with Christmas just weeks away. You see it on TV, in the Mall, and hear it on the radio. There is nothing like the Holidays to see the joy and excitement in a child’s expression. Family this time of year finally gets the attention it deserves. The […]

Fall High School Seniors It’s that time of year when we are getting our “second shift” of fall high school seniors. Right now, before all the beautiful color leaves are on the ground there is a last minute push for senior and family photos. Some of these last minute seniors kids are from the smaller […]

Is your family home for Thanksgiving Yes indeed! As usual we await your arrival for Holiday pictures when your family has gathered. We are open the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving for your family portraits. The two late holiday weekends are by far the most popular time to have new family photos made. Thanksgiving and […]

It’s that time of year when we focus our attention to mostly family portraits. In the studio and outdoors with the fall colors starting to change. We love to see two, three and even four generations in the photoshoot. Even your favorite dog is allowed to come along and be part of your clan. Call […]

Kids Contest Winners How fun is that?  For over 30 years we have been entering different national and international competitions sharing our images including everything from kids and high school seniors to commercial advertising work. It has been so much fun to see some of our best work displayed around the world and featured in magazines. […]

Large Family Portraits Each year large summer reunions and family gatherings are a ton of fun to photograph. Getting the entire family together is a chance for the generations to connect and bond during cookouts and softball games and play time on the lake. This time of year we love to do these large family […]

  Senior Photography Redding What is involved in getting great senior pictures for 2017 seniors? It’s really all about choices. Choosing the right clothing to show off some style and fashion awareness. Choosing the right props and personal items to lend insights into your personality and playfulness. Choosing the right buddies and pets to show […]

  Family Reunion in Redding Photos July is Family Reunion Month. Starting with the 4th weekend we will see folks gathering for Redding’s outstanding annual fireworks display. That is a perfect excuse for getting everyone together and making the portrait you have been wanting for the last few years. It is surprising how fast the […]