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The face of innocence Do you remember the face of innocence? Did you miss it? That special look your child had when growing up. The twinkle in the eye, the pouchy pout, the hardy laugh when they could hardly stand. How can you not love a face like that? Can you see the traits of […]

Get your best headshot A main staple of any model or actors portfolio is a strong headshot. Just like your profile photo, business card portrait or resume image it will most often be the first impression people get from you.   It is how you are remembered and perceived. It will set the tone for […]

The band played on My kind of crazy. One of the main reasons I enjoy photography is the fact you never really know who or what will walk through the door as you next photoshoot. There is a general idea. It could be a newborn baby. It could be a high school senior. Maybe a […]

Sibling Portraits Make The Family Session Siblings are one of the closest bonds we find during our family sessions. While the kids may fight like cats and dogs in the childhood and teen years, often times once they reach their 20’s they realize the treasure they have in family. My brother Jerry and I are […]

Generations of Family History Generations of Family History are at your beck and call. Have you taken the time yet to sit down with grandparents or great grandparents and listen to their priceless years of wisdom and stories? Do you have old photo albums with unidentified relatives and places they could still give you background […]

2017 Studio Photoshoot Calendar Begins How cool is that? We get another 364 days in 2017 to make a difference. New learning. New adventures. New friends. New projects. 2017 Studio Photoshoot Calendar Begins with Kids The studio is kicking it into gear now with the annual Adorable Kids Contest. Boys and girls, ages newborn through […]

Happy New Year 2017 It’s Time for a Great New Year Beginning… Each new year starts like a newborn child. Full of hope, potential and wonder. Every day is a new adventure of learning, growing, plodding along trying to avoid the bumps and bruises but knowing without them you cannot reach your next level or […]

Redding Open For Business Photos Redding is Open For Business. The heart and soul of Redding… even America when you take in it’s vastness, is the Mom and Pop shops that serve the local customers. A family business contributes to employment, taxes, local color and innovation plus time and money to local charities and special […]

Avoid the Elf Rebellion You didn’t know Santa and I were buddies? More than just casual buddies but you can meet Santa’s official family photographer. It’s true, on my Alaska trip 3 years ago with little bro Jerry we spent some time chatting up some ideas in Nome. We have some similar hobbies like photography […]

How to make this Christmas portrait a treasure Over 100 million people will be traveling this Holiday season starting this weekend. Some enjoying vacation time on ski trips and cruises while most heading home to see the family. The college kids have finals wrapped up for the year and are looking forward to Mom’s home […]