We keep working on the ton of new looks and themes for 2015. Just in time for the Valentines Day dances and winter proms you can get an edgy look to set you apart. The geeky boyfriend will love the bat mask and even he gets to play dress up!

We had another fun photoshoot with Trina Fee from All Pinned UP (530) 510-2857 the style salon next door to our Trinity Street studio. Thew PEACOCK theme will be a big hit for this year’s senior prom season I am sure. It could be good too for parties, birthdays and senior portrait time! Check out […]

Was out this morning at 7am shooting with the beautiful soft light. You can see some of the trees starting to pick up their fall color hues. The air felt different. Not so dry and you could smell that musty autumn scent that is a bit more heavy than summers lighter tones. Hard to believe […]