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Family reunion photo shoots during the Holidays Dancing in New York City. Ad Agency in Bend Or. Medical school in Pittsburg. Stationed in Germany. Press Secretary in Sacramento. Working on PHD in Boston. Getting married in Feb. Coding software in The Valley.   My favorite thing about doing family portraits during the Holidays? Catching up […]

Hollywood Glamour Portraits     Looking for something exciting and clearly different for your next photoshoot? Want to take on the diva personality and style of a Hollywood legend? Tired of the kissy lipped selfie that is a clone of millions of others? If you love the look and style of classic B&W Hollywood this […]

How to choose the best photographer for your next photoshoot. To assume your photographer does nothing but click a camera shutter and instantly, magically “Photoshop” images to perfection is naive. A well trained photographer starts the art at the first contact finding out what you want and getting a feel for your personality and style. […]

The Perfect Gift for Your Valentine While the earliest boudoir photography is only about 140 years old the celebration of the female form goes back centuries even beyond the historical famed drawings, sculpture and paintings of Venus and Aphrodite’s. If you have taken any college level art classes you may have seen dozens of “reclining […]

The Redding Snow Bunny Sessions have been a blast.  A little different take on the usual glamour/boudoir you usually see. MakeUp and hair done by the famous Trina Fee of All Pinned Up as usual. Next week if the snow holds we will be doing several outdoor in the snow sessions. Brrrrr, but the girls […]

Again thank you for choosing TA Schmidt Photography as Best of the North state!  Each year we add new products, props, backgrounds and styles to keep current with your needs and changing tastes.  With the only complete indoor and outdoor studio in the North state we love having our three distinct camera rooms and the […]  Football season makes it tough to find senior photo times for players and cheerleaders. That is why we are open on Saturdays to shoot after the Friday Night Lights games.  Of course it is best do book your session after a local home game. Away games can be tough getting home late and then […]