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10 Reasons Not to Let Friends Take Your Senior Pictures As more and more consumer cameras become available and cell phones take better and better pictures, many High School Seniors are choosing to have their friends take their senior pictures rather than a professional. With that nationwide company taking professional mug shots for the yearbook […]

High School Seniors: The Last Summer of Freedom! For many High School Seniors this is the last summer of freedom. The last summer of staying up all night playing video games and then sleeping until noon. The last summer of floating around on the lake carefree, bill free with the world at their fingertips. Although the […]

A World of Great Faces I collect faces.   Really, everyone collects SOMETHING and my passion has always been faces.   Even as a child I loved people watching at the store, park or school. Watching expressions. Seeing how the DNA mixed and matched with families. You know, how you look a lot like your […]

High School Yearbook Stories High School Yearbook Stories, What’s yours? Is it the mug shot the school photographer took, or will you get a better picture that shows who you really are?     Imagine the stories your yearbook could tell years after graduation.   The Super Jock that ruled the social scene and always […]

Where were you before Google? How has your world changed in the last 10 years? Where were you before Google? Remember a time before smart phones, google being the “all knowing resource” shopping at the Mall?   Not long ago sports were done mostly outside while now there are huge arenas filled with spectators watching […]

A beautiful unique portrait To my astonishment tears pooled in her eyes…   It starts about age ten for many girls and they often never outgrow it. We see it all the time in teens, 20’s – 50’s and even sweet little grandma’s in their 80’s.   Maybe it’s the mass media with the celebrity […]

Spring High School Senior Photos It’s a big day for parents also. After 12 years of homework, sports, broken hearts and a lot of growing up the senior class of 2017 is near the finish line.   In mere months the colleges of America will see the infusion of fresh faces eager to take on […]

Greater Redding Graduation Portraits Who do you know that is graduating in the next few months?   Nursing school. College. High school. Eighth grade. Even preschool! The most memorable portraits are those made during milestone events. Birthdays. Weddings. Graduations. Photos can be made creating a personal highlight reel of your life’s activities and journey. For […]

Are you a senior? There are four kind of seniors we photograph at the studio and on location. High school seniors are still the main part of our business. They are photographed year around indoors and outside. With super stylist Trina at All Pinned Up next door we have MakeOvers for the girls to highlight […]