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A World of Great Faces

A World of Great Faces
A World of Great Faces photographed by TA Schmidt Photography

One of my 3 favorite faces to ever photograph.

I collect faces.
Really, everyone collects SOMETHING and my passion has always been faces.
Even as a child I loved people watching at the store, park or school. Watching expressions. Seeing how the DNA mixed and matched with families. You know, how you look a lot like your Mom or great grandfather?
I have a library of outstanding books with images from the great portrait painters and photographers throughout history.
It amazes me how through thousands of years humankind looks the same. Sure we are taller now. Yes, better diets and medicine have made us more healthy to a large degree. But the faces, emotions and expressions remain the same.
My favorite faces to photograph are young children with those big eyes. And of course pretty girls. That’s why I have a handful of original black and white prints from the 30’s and 40’s of the early movies stars. My favorites being Vivien Leigh (Gone with the Wind) and Hedy Lamarr (who happened to also be a brilliant mathematician)
Over the 43 years in business I have had so many stunning faces to work with in the studio. From newborns to classic beauty in their 90’s!
But I still remember a handful of special faces that were a thrill to shoot. Holly V, Tatiana H, Heidi W, Britany P and others. Thank you all for sharing some time in front of the camera!
If I could photograph any more current actresses who would I choose?
Getting them in their prime I would love to shoot Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe (duh!), Meg Ryan, Demi Moore, Kathy Ireland and the newest Wonder Woman… Gal Gardot.
If you have a face or faces in the family that should be collected to share with family and friends call or TEXT me at 244-2636.

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