The face of innocence. Did you miss it? -

The face of innocence. Did you miss it?

The face of innocence

Do you remember the face of innocence?

Those chubby little cheeks will soon be outgrown. Do you have a portrait of your child at each stage of their growth?

Did you miss it?
That special look your child had when growing up.
The twinkle in the eye, the pouchy pout, the hardy laugh when they could hardly stand.
How can you not love a face like that?
Can you see the traits of Mommy or Daddy?
How did the gene pool mix and match to create this wonderful blending of two long lines of your ancestors.
How are each of your kids different in their looks?
Can you see the shape of the face and eyes, the roundness of the lips and how cute that nose is as a child?
Hold each of these 7 stages of childhood dear.
They come and they go so fast with no regards as to how busy you are today.
A blink and they are gone, disappearing into the haze of modern day’s too hectic life.
Each of those ages moves on quickly.
A heartbeat later and you have missed your opportunity forever.
They have grow a bit, changed a lot, and in far too short of time left home for their own life and adventures.
Bring props to show their passions and interests. Bring the favorite pet and buddies to tell a visual story about this time in their life.
Right now you even get entry into the Adorable Kids Contest which gives you and the contest a print from your very favorite photo.
Call 945-3693 to save a spot and capture a moment in time.
Children, family, high school senior, glamour/boudoir, pets and business portraits for family and friends.
Do you have a J-Rob Studios portrait in your home yet?

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