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The Real Business World

The Real Business World

The Real Redding Business World

Are you an owner, dreamer or worker bee?

There are basically three kinds of people in the world that I see.
Those that are worker bees doing their time for a salary and a few days of paid vacation.
Those that want their own business some day to “be their own boss”.
Those running a real business, dealing with the marketing, insurance, regulations, taxes, staff and production details.
The SMART biz owners follow the E Myth principles with optimizing and delegating all the functions so they have a life. Do ball games with the kids, play a little golf and have time for personal growth and hobbies.
However that does not work with all career paths.
It’s hard for a surgeon to delegate that operation to remove some brain tumor.
Your lead singer and face of the band cannot send in replacements on tour if they would rather get some fishing in while on the coast.
An artist is selling their vision and talent so they are on the hook for any commissioned piece or job that comes along.
In other words, the business owns you more than you own it.
Plus, there is no such thing as being your own boss. When you have a business you have dozens, hundreds and maybe thousands of bosses. Every new customer is a boss that has their own way they want to work with you.
The upside if you like having the responsibility of success or failure, it is all on your shoulders. No where to point fingers but at the mirror to that good looking reflection staring back at you.
If you have a business that needs help with a marketing plan or photos for the website, social media, brochures, POP displays or your booth at the home show or county fair call us at 244-2636.
We love the art and science of marketing and may help you find some time off or extra cash for your next big move.



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