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A child’s innocent face

A child’s innocent face

A child's innocent face taken by TA Schmidt Photogarahy

What is more sweet than the face of a young child?

All those sweet little faces.
Tens of thousands of them over the 41+ years of photographing Redding’s children, high school seniors and families.
We have had the privilege of watching so many kids grow up, graduate from school, become doctors, engineers, housewives and artists. They would get married and have kids to start the cycle yet again.
Innocent kids with the future ahead of them.
What will they do when they get older?
Write a book?
Get into politics?
Discover some great new galaxy or medicine?
How will YOU remember this age?
Now is the time for portraits of your young ones.
The Adorable Kids Contest gets you two outfit sessions including a print for you and the contest for only $29.
One set of clothing should be something nice, your usual thought for a studio photo.
The other set of clothing will be theme related.
What story can you tell about the child or the family?
Can you share a hobby, passion or interest of the child?
Are their things maybe passed down through the generations that will be meaningful in a photographs?
Maybe a hand carved rocking horse or clothing from the Old World.
Is there a pet that travels well or artwork the child has created?
Does the child play a musical instrument or love to build things with Legos or some other blocks?
Those little details that are so hard to remember but so important for the family.
Will you miss this awesome age on your kids?

Call 244-2636 for your photoshoot time and date.

Do you have a TA Schmidt portrait in your home yet?
We would love to help with your kids, family, high school senior, business or modeling headshots.
Call to talk about your ideas and get on the schedule.

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