The band played on -

The band played on

The band played on

The band played on with great PR pix from TA Schmidt Photography

Your business or side gig needs great photos to keep you in the limelight.

My kind of crazy.
One of the main reasons I enjoy photography is the fact you never really know who or what will walk through the door as you next photoshoot.
There is a general idea.
It could be a newborn baby.
It could be a high school senior.
Maybe a family or a biz headshot.
Each and every subject has a story to tell with the photos.
Which makes photographing bands a total head trip.
Each band member brings their own creative spark.
They possess a love for music and to be entertaining.
Plus all of them have just a bit of nutso crazy embedded deep inside to keep things moving and interesting.
Do you have a story to tell with a portrait for you, your family or business?
Call 244-2636.
Let the world see your true story…

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