Kids and critters studio photos -

Kids and critters studio photos

Kids and critters

Kids and critters photographed by TA Schmidt Photography.

Every dog deserves a child to grow up together and form memories that will last a lifetime.

Photographing kids and critters is always a challenge and often a heart warming story of best buddies growing up together.
Now days it seems even more folks than ever have a dog or two or three.
We see them all from the tiny lap dogs to the giant slobbering Mammoth Mastiff beasts.
The constant companion that never complains and always is happy to see you.
Protecter and confidant.
Available for long walks or or short naps.
Dogs are always welcome for children, senior, family and boudoir photo sessions.

Adorable Kids Contest

We are entering the last two months of the annual Adorable Kids Contest.
For girls and boys ages 12 years and under. Bring along two outfits. One a nice looking photo ready set and one that tells a story about the child or family.
Make your photos memorable with a story behind the clothing and props.
Sessions still only $29 per child and that includes a print for you and the contest.
Call 244-2636 for your spot on our calendar.
Do you have a young daughter with cute new Easter clothing?
Watch our TA Schmidt Photography Facebook page for a VERY limited Girls and Pearls special coming up mid month after the bunny leaves for another year.
Be sure the LIKE the page to always stay up to date on current programs and some fun behind the scenes video we drop in now and then.

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