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Sweet Kool April Night Rides

Sweet Kool April Night Rides
Sweet Kool April Night Rides with TA Schmidt Photography

No matter how fine you ride is during Kool April Nights you can roll with the big boys.

There are two sure indicators that it is Spring in Redding.
First is the nasty North wind that brings with it the allergy season and half the town with the sniffles. We know we have nearly a month of this wind whipping through town and blowing up the hay fever symptoms. 
Second is all the sweet rides being tuned up and and polished out for the annual Kool April Nights week of car fun. You see them everywhere with the tops down and mufflers spouting that oily exhaust from sitting around idle all winter. 

Kids & Kool April Nights

For the Adorable Kids Contest you can bring your child’s favorite muscle car or bike for the theme set part of the two outfit photoshoot.
Still only $30 for the complete studio session and two prints… one for you and one for the contest.
This program is great for girls and boys ages 12 and under.
Plus you can even bring the child’s pet that travels well for the session.

But wait there is more…

Ladies… this time of year we are doing Pin Up poses to tie into the owners car’s decade of style.
Do you love the 40’s or 50’s? Is your muscle car from the 60’s or 70’s? Or a customized 80’s or 90’s thing of beauty?
Maybe your ’55 Chevy need a classic Pin Up girl with hair and makeup done to match the colors and mood?
Bring in you gal for the complete model experience!
Your MakeOver and photoshoot is only $99 with the All Pinned Up Salon getting you the perfect look and color to slay them at the annual Kool April Nights big dance.
Shake out that Poodle Skirt and look the part for a great month of retro fantasy.
Call 244-2636 for all your portrait needs.

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