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We all enjoy those once a decade talents and looks that appear from time to time. Unique record setting athletes, musicians with the tunes to move your spirit, authors who can weave a spellbinding story keeping you turning the pages deep into the night.
One of our Friday’s sessions was a couple local girls I feel will go big with their special figures and faces. With All Pinned Up doing the hair and makeup we worked in the studio to create a wonderful portfolio session. Two sisters with impossibly long legs wanting to break into the runway modeling game.
It is a long journey with tons of competition but Redding has seen a handful of girls do pretty well. With dreams of New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo the first step has been boldly taken.
With luck the girls will remember how the real day to day modeling profession works. Unless your are a bonafide “A Lister” where the world knows you by your first name your jobs will be mostly smaller biz with short deadlines and tighter budgets.
Which brings me to another from the trenches story of course….
Shooting national magazine ads for both Jhirmack and KMS years back I believe it was Jhirmack that came out with a new moisturizing shampoo. They needed photos in a hurry for the traveling hair shows and monthly print deadlines. All they wanted was a wonderful shot of a beautiful long haired girl in a natural setting with a huge waterfall pouring water over the happy model’s head and face.
Great, I thought…
Some exotic location to work.
But no, it had to be shot local and within days.
So we took two brave, tough, trusting favorite models of mine to Whiskeytown Park in the middle of November. In bathing suits they scrambled down into the freezing snow melt water where we could only get a quick handful of shots before they turned blue and the teeth started to chatter.
We would yank the first out of the falls, stuff her into a ski jacket to try and warm her up while we tortured the poor second model. Rinse and repeat. Back and forth they took turns without complaining, we shot a half dozen rolls of film looking for the one refreshing fun photo that did show the suffering they endured. What very small amount they were paid was not enough!
That being said… we do what it takes to get the shot you want. If you are looking for children, high school senior, Redding model portfolios, business, family portraits or boudoir/glamour Reddings one/two punch of talent is ready for your needs. TA Schmidt Photography and All Pinned Up can help you look your very best in your next photoshoot. Call 244-2636 to grab a time on our busy schedules.

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