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Local Celebrity Photography

Finally, the first contest of 2017!

TA Schmidt Photography photosgraphs all the Redding celebrities

Do YOU look like a famous singer, movie star or political icon?

But first a quick story….
It’s true, I once dated a famous sitcom TV star.
Well, maybe “dated” is an over reaching term but I did have a 30 minute sit down lunch date with Maureen McCormick, Marcia Brady of the Brandy Bunch fame!
Back in photo school college days down in Santa Barbara we had weekly assignments called EDL’s. Every Day Life journalistic photos made with our hand held camera rather than the big studio view cameras we spent most of our time working. Each week we had to capture some local unposed activity without all the studio prep we spent most of our time perfecting.
One week I noticed in the newspaper “Marcia” was coming to a local record store to sign autographs during their promotional tour for their newest album. Given a choice I have always preferred photographing pretty girls so I set up to photograph the throng of adoring fans crowding the store.
A few minutes into her signing her pen went dry and NOBODY in the group had one that worked. Being the prepared Boy Scout I have always been I reached into my camera bag for a tassel of pens that I passed on to her. She flashed a brief big smile and “thank you” then dove back into her fans.
She was there for about an hour signing albums, shirts and scraps of paper plus getting photographed with her fans just before noon. The crowd dwindled so in my usual shy self I asked if she was hungry and wanted to grab some lunch. Maureen grinned and said YES. So in the 30 minutes she had before the limo picked her up we had a quick bite to eat. I remember how tiny she was wearing a sleek ankle length black trench coat and tall boots. At 6’3” I towered over her as we walked to the cafe. We chatted mostly about what it was like being a TV star… the conversation ending far too quickly. Her ride arrived and was whisked off to her next appearance while I was left with film to process and print.
That brings me to our next contest…Local Celebrity Photography!

•••••A celebrity Look-a-Like project•••••

Do YOU look like a famous person? It can be a current star or someone from the distant past. Reply to the TA Schmidt Photography Facebook page with a photo of THEM and of YOU where we can see your resemblance.
Trina with All Pinned Up and I will choose a few subjects to get full FREE MakeOvers and Photo sessions to recreate the celebrity portrait. Of course we will show and share our favorite images here and on Facebook so if you are in witness protection you need not apply. Here is your chance to strut your stuff. Who do you want to look like?
For regular portraits of family, high school senior, kids, boudoir and business headshots you can always call us at 244-2636.

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