How to Make the Perfect Christmas -

How to Make the Perfect Christmas

How to Make the Perfect Christmas

Redding's best Christmas photographer

Take a moment this Christmas season to make a fresh new portrait of your kids and family. Make a memory for your home that will be passed on for generations.

Kids and Christmas.
The most exciting time of the year.
The seasonal sounds and music.
Traditional foods cooking in the kitchen and all…that…chocolate…
The family coming together for a sit down dinner to catch up on the year’s activity.
New schools, new jobs, new mates, new family members.

Do you have family coming home for the Holidays?

This is the time of year we do the most family and children portraits.
One of the rare moments the gang is all rounded up together.
The college kids home for break with the loads of laundry and begging for sleep and home cooked food.
Military personnel home on leave looking so sharp in their dress uniforms.
Brothers and sisters separated by work and families find their way home like a lost puppy in the night.
Make this year a special memory with a great photo of your kids and family.
Pets are alway welcome so be sure to bring your mutt with some dry treats we can use to bribe.
Keep the clothing simple.
Darker shades keep everyone looking more slender.
Avoid the patterns and stripes so the focus remains on you, the subjects.
Longer sleeves hide upper arms that most people do not want to see after age 16!
MakeOvers are available from our next door stylist All Pinned Up.
Family sessions from couples to over 40 people are still only $49 in our comfortable studio.
Kids photoshoots with two outfit changes are only $30. (With all the new clothing kids and teens get at Christmas it is the perfect time to get photos that you will love from this age)
Don’t miss out again this year.

Call 244-2636 to find a photo time for you.


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