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Holiday Family Photos

Holiday Family Photos

Holiday Family Photos by Redding's best photographer

Is your family home for this Christmas? Then make it a top priority to get new family portraits by calling TA SchmidtPhotography at 244-2636 now.

The kids are getting antsy with Christmas just weeks away.
You see it on TV, in the Mall, and hear it on the radio.
There is nothing like the Holidays to see the joy and excitement in a child’s expression.
Family this time of year finally gets the attention it deserves.
The phone calls from around the world.
Christmas cards updating you on what went on during 2016.
Family dinners and Holiday parties.
Is your family home for the Holidays?

Holiday Family Photos can and should be made now!

Yes, we are open before and after Christmas for family portraits.
Catch them while you can.
College students home on break.
Military leave brings home sons and daughters, fathers and moms.
Grandparents making a last trip to see the clan they started years ago.
We can do family sessions from couple all the way up to 40 or more family members right here in our custom studio.
You can even bring in your favorite pets to include all the members you love.
Portrait session consultations are free to help you choose the clothing which will have you all looking your very best.
Remember, a little pre-planning will do wonders for making your session stress free and even fun!
Your private time in the studio still runs only $49.
That includes photographing the entire family and even smaller groups like grandkids, couples and individual family units.
Often times you can see your proofs the same day!
Once you choose your favorite images you can expect your prints to be ready for pick up or mailing within 7-14 days depending on the Holiday schedule.
The average family spends between $300 and $1200 depending on how many photos, how large, what kind of finishes they want, albums , frames and panels.
Of course there is always a payment plan so you can get everything you want and then make easy monthly payments.

Call for your photoshoot at 244-2636.

Session times are limited and it’s alway first call, first served!

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