Great Pictures for Grandma -

Great Pictures for Grandma

Great Pictures for Grandma

Awesome Redding Photographer

New additions to your family need to be included in a new family portrait from TA Schmidt Photography

It’s time to get Great Pictures for Grandma as gifts for Christmas which is less than two months away!
This little guy has my personal vote for being a wonderful Santa’s elf. An absolute darling full of laughter and playfulness.
We enjoy each client, youngster or senior citizen, as they come in for photos sessions.
They all have a unique personality or back story that needs to be shown and shared.
This young age especially changes so fast.
You can almost watch them grow before your eyes. Crawling to walking. Picking up new words every day. Finding new places and things in the home to explore.
These special moments do not last forever.
How often have you heard that from friends and family?
Yet most people spend the rest of their lives regretting not having wonderful images of the kids during these important years where they are building their own fun personality.
What you miss now will be gone in a heart beat.
Save these precious moments for you.
Plus you can make Grandma happy this Christmas with current professional photos of your family.
Bring the whole gang.
Two, three, four generations. Even your pets are welcome to show off all that are important to your troop.
You can also get business headshots to start the new 2017 year with a strong personal image.
Or senior photos for the June grad soon to be off to college.
Maybe you want some sassy portraits for BFF or hubby with our distinctive and classy boudoir photos?
Redding’s largest, most awarded and only Master Craftsman portrait artist is still Best in the North State voted by the community.
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