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Halloween Boudoir

Halloween Boudoir

You know it is totally crazy but we spend some $8 Billion each year in America on Halloween. Check out all the stores with the huge selection of costumes, candy and snacks, decorations and not to mention parties- it is one of the biggest events of the year and the kick off to the Holiday season.
And it’s not just for kids any more!
Adults also love to dress up and play out their fantasy personas.

And each year the styles get more and more creative and whacked!

This year for just two days you can capture the beast within!

Better than the hokey Blair Witch movies you can be the star with a scary cool photoshoot with your newest costume.

Now you can get a special 30 minute scary/sexy boudoir photo shoot in the studio with your sassy new look on Saturday Oct 29 or Monday the 31st.

Only $97 for your studio session plus you get the disk of all the images we take.

This two day offer is good for singles and couples and by reservation only.

Think how much fun you can have with your BFF or mate dressed to kill. Or just scare the daylights out of everyone. Or be the sexiest vampiress ever to stalk the darkened streets of Redding.

Obviously this is for only 18 and older!  No teenie bopers trying to run with the grown ups…

Spots are limited so call now for your Halloween Boudoir photoshoot.
Call 244-2636 to reserve your spot with your credit card.

PS. Not into the ghouls and gore but still want a boudoir/glamour photoshoot?

Christmas giving is the #1 time we do the boudoir sessions for prints and our famous albums.

Get your total hair and face makeover with All Pinned Up and then your studio photoshoot with Best in North State Photographer TA Schmidt for only $129.


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