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Fall family pictures with Best in North state studio

It’s that time of year when we focus our attention to mostly family portraits. In the studio and outdoors with the fall colors starting to change. We love to see two, three and even four generations in the photoshoot. Even your favorite dog is allowed to come along and be part of your clan. Call 244-2636 for your session time.

Fall family pictures with Redding's best photographer

In the studio or outdoors it’s time for your Fall family pictures

Fall family pictures

What a great gift for grandparents.

What a treasured memory when you have the family gathered for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

With kids home from college or the military leave.

When brothers and sisters fly home for a family reunion.

During those rare times when the gang is all together, it’s time.

Over the 41 years of photographing the North State family portraits we have found mornings to be best when you have kids under the age of eight involved. They are fresher and will last through the entire shoot with the different combinations of groups most families want. Moms that have to get everyone ready also appreciate doing the earlier times so after the kids and husbands can go back to getting comfortable and dirty!

The most asked question about fall family pictures is what to wear?

Indoors you can go formal to have everyone looking their spiffy best. Or casual with jeans and coordinated tops.

Outside we suggest causal because it tends to look awkward with the family in dress clothing. Why wear and suit or heels among the trees. Not to mention trying to keep little kids clean through the day!

The best advise for colors to to keep it simple.

No more than THREE total colors for the entire family.

If everyone picks their favorite hue it all ends up a jumble of color with no attention drawn to the faces and expressions.

Of course we always offer a free pre-portrait consultation. Chat about your wants and needs and any questions you might have.

Call TA Schmidt Photography at 244-2636 for your 2016 Fall family pictures


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