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Hollywood Glamour Portraits

Hollywood Glamour Portraits



Looking for something exciting and clearly different for your next photoshoot?

Want to take on the diva personality and style of a Hollywood legend?

Tired of the kissy lipped selfie that is a clone of millions of others?

If you love the look and style of classic B&W Hollywood this photoshoot will be your ticket to stardom.

You start with a complete hair and face makeover to get the mood and look of the Golden Age.

Working with Trina Fee of All Pinned Up you decide on the hairstyle and makeup look to set the mood for your time on camera.

Are you looking for the sultry siren, mysterious maverick or innocent ingenue?

Next up you move next door to the TA Schmidt Photography studios.

Here we chat about what you would like to get from your photoshoot and we plan the lighting and poses.

Finally you are on camera.

Strike an elegant pose.

Assume the personality and look of your favorite actress.

Are you a Gabor, Leigh, Crawford or Shearer?

Now you know why the leading lady always gets her leading man.

Confident and always in control.

Will you be dining out after your session?

Will he take you dancing to show you off the the mere mortals of the world?

Where will you display your finished images?

A lovely wall portrait over the fireplace or sofa.

An intimate image in the bedroom to remind you each morning of the power and charm you possess.

Maybe a photo album with many images to show the different images you adore?

It’s time to do it now.

Call TA Schmidt at 244-2636 to set up your Hollywood Glamour Portraits adventure.

You get it all.  MakeOver, studio photoshoot and tons of proofs to choose from all for only $129.

Don’t wait for Hollywood to come calling.

Show up on the scene when you want!


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