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Kids Contest Winners

Kids Contest Winners

Adorable Kids Contest

We love kids! There is no reason to settle for boring school or Mall pictures. Let Best in North State TA Schmidt Photography make great photos for you too.

How fun is that? 
For over 30 years we have been entering different national and international competitions sharing our images including everything from kids and high school seniors to commercial advertising work.
It has been so much fun to see some of our best work displayed around the world and featured in magazines. Two of my top international images were from children sessions and I remember hearing from an excited client after seeing my winning portrait displayed in Epcot Center!
Again, 2016 was another year to show off the Redding gang. We had a ton of fun photographing kids from newborns up to 12 years old for the annual event.
It was a wonderful year for parents being creative and involved with finding clothing, props and toys that told a story about each child. Taking the time to put together the outfits and story items makes so much difference when trying to create a memorable and winning photo.
Good news…We just received the regional winners of our Annual Adorable Kids Contest! Unfortunately we did not place any national winners this year but still the these kids still did awesome.
All of these beautiful 16×20 portraits are prizes for the top North State photogenic kids and their families. We know that they will be treasured for years as the child grows and matures.
Each parent will be getting a phone call this week to come by and pick them up. As always please call before you come by to make sure we are working in the studio and not shooting on location someplace. In fact… if you can bring in the child also we will get a photo with the new print!
If you want great portraits of your children click the link below to own a TA Schmidt Photography photoshoot.

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