Creative Seniors show personality -

Creative Seniors show personality

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What you bring to the table during your session determines how creative and unique for photos will be. Hobbies, pets, props… if in doubt-Bring It!



Creative Seniors show personality and reveal style with the clothing and props they bring to the photoshoot.

These last weeks before senior deadlines are my favorite for shooting. It’s so much cooler outside after school. The fall colors are starting to peek in some of the outdoor shots. A lot of the guys have their project cars up and running and the girls have their wardrobe sorted and hair style figured out for the season.
Plus, this is the best time of year for a coastal shoot over in the Eureka/Trinidad area. Imagine your shoot on the beach at sunset. Bring your horse, dune buggy or mountain bike for a session that combines the natural beauty of the Pacific with your own style and look. The three hour beach shoot also includes a mini studio session so you have the best of both worlds.  The more classic formal images and the most beautiful shoots you can imagine on the beach and around the coastal forests.

What REALLY makes the session good is spending a little time to make your photoshoot a reflection of you.

What do you do?
Hobbies, collections, pets, and friends are all part of your life and should be part of your images.
Inside and outdoors we have the only COMPLETE session in the North state and we have All Pinned UP right next door for MakeOvers for the ladies.
Don’t settle for a cookie cutter yearbook mugshot.
Click here to lock in your time for the most fun photoshoot of your life!
Remember that all senior packages also include a FREE family photoshoot before they fly the coup and head for college. Call 244-2636 to make sure you have a TA Schmidt Portrait in your home!

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