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Redding has Talent

Redding talented kids

Redding has talent

One of my favorite things about running this portrait studio for over four decades is meeting the menagerie of kids and adults that have insane amounts of talent.

With adults, some are fortunate to have made their career highlighting this talent matrix.

Others,  like the weekend musicians playing small clubs or wedding receptions and dancers getting just one recital a year to show off the pent up passions.

So many painters and writers toil in the shadows.

Some hoping and waiting for the big break.

Far too many afraid of making the big leap into the unknown of public scrutiny and critique.

Then there are all those thousands of free thinking talented kids.

Fearless and determined to stand out from the masses.

Helped along by music and dance camps.

School clubs and virtual organizations..

Youtube and Google that give access to all the world’s information and training.

Kids nowadays are not good at only one thing anymore.

They are cross trained to do many things well!

I hope Mankind is pushed to the brink of a new Renaissance.

Blending all the new digital technology, instant communication and in-depth training with the minds of this new generation of information hungry children that do not fear the rapid changes.

There is an interesting spin written by Nina Haghighi talking about some of the pitfalls of multi talents here.

What Do You Want To Be?

Multipotentiality pulls kids in opposing directions. Do they take advantage of their academic abilities, and select the most rigorous scholastic options? Or do they nurture the talents that may not lead down such a conventional path?

When it’s time to get photos with your talent let us know.

It could be for yourself, your family, profiles photos for social media, a blog post or job application.

Remember at TA Schmidt Photography we do kids, high school seniors, family, glamour and boudoir, business photos, pets and even some video for limited business marketing use.

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