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Where do I get senior pictures?

Where do I get senior pictures?

Yes you can go anywhere for your Redding senior portraits!



Where do I get senior pictures?

It was not that long ago when most high school seniors in Redding could choose the photographer they wanted for their senior portraits. For decades they could choose the pose and clothing that showed real personality and not just the cookie cutter mug shot that blended into the pages of sameness. They showed pets, and sporting medals. They shared dance and drama. Photos with their car and cycles gave variety and interest to the dying yearbook tradition.

Now days the dictatorship of most local schools TELL YOU how you are going to look and where you will be photographed. From their throne they rule the land and laws which run far past the education they are tasked to pass on to the minds of the eager students.

The office say JUMP, you reply HOW HIGH?

It’s funny, these school admins work for YOU not the other way around. They get paid with YOUR tax money and now they continue to enforce where you get to spend your hard earned cash.

Some people disagree and dislike this edict of education. Some folks think a high school senior has EARNED the right to take some responsibility in choosing a photographer for their senior portraits. After all, 11 years of education should have prepared these young adults to start making decisions. At this very moment they are deciding what to do WITH THE REST OF THEIR LIVES choosing colleges and career paths. Surely they can do a simple assignment of picking out a photographer…
If you are or have a high school senior in the house you can choose your photographer. You CAN go to any photographer you choose for your personal photos. You CAN use any photos in the Grad Ads. You CAN tell these school officials what you think about this bully BS rule. (That is if you CAN find them since they seem to move from job to job so often)

Want a real indoor and outside senior photoshoot with different outfits, props, pets, buddies, cars and even MakeOvers for the girls? Call Best in the North State photographer TA Schmidt at 244-2636.


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