How to have your kids look great in photos! -

How to have your kids look great in photos!

How to have your kids look great in photos?

How to have your kids look great in photos

Clothing can make the image POP and tell a story about the subject

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How to have your kids look great in photos… start with the clothing and props

In an age when the world is doing cellphone pix all day long of even the most mundane, boring everyday chores and activities it is nice to see effort and style.
Somehow Causal Friday has become casual all the time.
People used to get dressed up to go out in public but now PJ bottoms and sweats are common attire for cross country flying, banking and dining.
It is even worse with children.
Where is the color and fun style with Tee shirts and diapers?
It is wonderful to see little kids dressed up for a change with some attitude and swagger.
Little girls and their pretty dresses can become a princess in an instant. It can help her poise and character develop into a confident young lady that can conquer the world as she grows older and more wise. 
Little boys with their “going to church” duds can foreshadow their success in business and life. Each little adventure and experience adds to a child’s growth and personality. 
The experiences you give you child now will effect their lives forever. Dress for Success can start early for confidence and composure.
Step away from that rack of Tee shirts and make a positive statement with your Adorable Kids Contest photo shoot. Bring some props and toys that tell a story about your child and family heritage. 
You can call 244-2636 to chat about ideas and to make your appointment. The 2016 Adorable Kids Contest ends next Tuesday so reserve your spot now!
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