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Engagement and Bridal Boudoir Headquarters

Engagement and bridal boudoir headquarters

Engagement and Bridal Boudoir Headquarters
That time of year again when engagements sessions, Save the Date shoots and formal bridal sessions keep the studio humming. Young and excited couples looking forward to a new life and the adventure of building their own new family. With all the hustle and bustle of finding venues and vendors it’s great to have a previous relationship with a photographer you and can do the job of getting you and your love looking great together.
Remember, we do not do the traditional on-site wedding photos, but are happy to do studio formals without all the time pressure and ruckus of wedding day imagery. The bride and groom, wedding party and family can easily be photographed in the studio before most Saturday afternoon ceremonies. Some couples choose to do it the day before as part of the rehearsal evening.
If you have family and friends doing your wedding photos this is the perfect way to get great images of the important folks and to best show off the wedding dress and accessories. ¬†Also, if your chosen wedding photographer missed an important shot or if you did not like the “natural lighting” of your outdoor wedding photographs we can recreate the magic of your wedding day with proper lighting and posing to help you look wonderful.
Still looking for a wedding gift for the groom to be?
There is nothing more important to the groom right now than you. In his eyes you are the Goddess he has waited a lifetime to hold. Now you can give him a treat that will freeze that vision in time. The bridal boudoir book is a stunning gift you both will enjoy for decades. While you are looking your very best capture the sassy and sexy you! With your wedding gown, with lingerie and with special themes to make your photos unique to his loves and passions.
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