Little Girls Make Perfect Portraits -

Little Girls Make Perfect Portraits

Little Girls Make Perfect Portraits

Only TA Schmidt Photography in downtown Redding has not one or two camera rooms but three unique areas indoors to shoot plus the only outdoor Hollywood style portrait park in 200 miles!

Little Girls Make Perfect Portraits

At any age, anywhere and anytime – little girls can create a tale to enchant the viewer and your family.

Their imaginations can build magnificent castles out of old shipping boxes. fire breathing dragons out of your very confused family dog and elegant gowns from scraps scavenged around the house.

Somehow they create story lines to rival Hollywood productions complete with the happy good guys and scary bad guys.

I hope you take the time to listen to and remember all the giggles and laughter.

To even join in their story as an extra actor and help them play out the adventure.

Marvel at their exotic free form dances and the many voices they use to feature each character in their play.

Cherish this time of innocent wonder as you watch your kids grow day by day.

Too soon homework and sports and boys will dominate their time.

Where once the sisters stood bravely together to vanquish the evil empires in the backyard, they soon grow apart with new interests and challenges as the teen years open yet more options.

These times are priceless yet most families wait too long to realize this moment shall pass.

You think, you hope, to remember this snippet in time.

But you discover like many before you, “the hard drive is full” and so many memories crash like a cheap hard drive during a thunderstorm.

At TA Schmidt Photography we love telling the story of your kids’ life. From newborn through high school senior we have themes, sets and props for every age to express their passions and joy.

Sessions for kids are only $29. Usually two outfits to show different aspects of their personality.

You can call 244-2636 for a free consultation to chat about your ideas on what to do. We love having parents involved in the planning and creation of the images.  Make them your own, unique and full of  your children’s special traits.


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