Are you full of hot air? -

Are you full of hot air?

Mothers Day

Bring your family together for Mothers Day Eve and a new studio photo from TA Schmidt Photography

When you look in the mirror, who do you see staring back, a talker or a doer?


It’s that time of year when our internal BS meters are straining not to spontaneously burst into flames. You cannot watch TV, listen to the radio or see anything in print without being assaulted by a load of manure from the political or celebrity world. It appears they all have an opinion on how everyone else should be living while they carry on doing what they please.


I don’t know about you but I can only watch about 10 minutes of the presidential debates at a time.  About the 12 minute mark I start talking (yelling) at the television.  Their snarky gamesmanship and positioning, the far fetched cures for America’s problems, the pat answers with no real expectations of execution.


It’s all a bunch of hot air that will affect all of our “commoner” lives for the next four years at minimum and for generations with the laws passed and the people they put into power.  With all the perks of government “service” they glide through life with special privileges in health care and retirement while we pay for but never enjoy.


One of my hot buttons is all the talk of family values. How they paint a picture of hope without the epidemic of drugs, the broken families, lack of jobs and an education system that is flat out failing at least the last two generations of students.


Somehow as a nation, as a world, we have become obsessed with the trivial gadgets, the silly escapist computer games and this relentless push for diversity rather than unity. Too many people now care more for their dogs and cats than for other fellow humans!


Do I have an answer for this most important puzzle we face in the century?


Of course not.  A single mind and idea may start some movement but it will take a league of passionate believers to turn the tide.


What I can do, is use the talents I have to bring YOUR family together.  To create a meaningful portrait that you proudly display in your home over the fireplace or on the wall. An image to show the world what you value, care about and nurture.


Show me a person’s driveway and home and I can tell you what they value most.


Are you more concerned with the appearance of your car and clothing or the relationship with your kids?  Do you spend your time, energy and money showing it off or showing your love to those close to you.


Redding Mother’s Day Eve

Do something special for Mom this year on Saturday May 7th.


Get the family together.


The in-laws, the outlaws, even the ex-family members that still have blood and emotional ties to your gang.


Be a real family. Be supportive. Be interested. Be there.


Come into the studio for a family portrait photoshoot where we do the entire family together. Then we can break down into smaller units for pictures of just the kids and grandkids. Savor and save this time together with a photo that shows you all at your very best.


To make it easy for you, all day long we will offer Special 30 minute Mother’s Day Eve sessions including an 8×10 print of your favorite pose for only $99. You can bring in the entire family, or just the kids, or Grandparents with the grandkids. Any combination you want and as always you can bring in pets so your family is complete with the critter.


Again, the day before Mother’s Day on May 7th you can get your family photographed in the studio by Redding’s favorite photographer of the last four decades. Your print and photoshoot only $99 when you call and reserve your time at 244-2636.


The question is, are you going to talk about it or will you take action to own a photo that shows your family values?


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