Business Portraits -

Business Portraits

Business Portraits are vital for branding your company.
First impressions are lasting whether that impression is good or bad.
That is why we endlessly harp on the NO SELFIE RULE for business photos on all social media sites like Linked-In and for business cards and brochures.
While your vacation photos and conference selfies can be good to show some personality,  a professional portrait demonstrates credibility. It shows you CARE enough about your image to invest in a good photo.
The same can be said for staff/team photos.
Sure you can get the janitor to grab a shot of your group standing outside the office. Often you get half the folks in shadows and half in squinty eyed sunlight with poles growing out of members heads.
Or you can get a powerful professional image made that shows every member at their best.
If you have a team uniform or polo shirt with your logo bring it.
If you have a fun theme for different times of the year (think Rodeo Week and Cool April Nights) show how you are involved in the community.
If you have a huge project you want to highlight we can even go on location for the photoshoot to feature your success in what you do.
For most of our clients at TA Schmidt Photography it is also the best time to update individual photos. Ladies get the new hair styles, guys often add or remove the beards… and we all get a little bit older each year.
Of course our standard retouching is included in all of our sessions to soften those lines, diminish double chins and even some subtle sculpting to trim away a few extra pounds if need be!
Call us at 244-2636 for an updated group photo to help your business grow.

Business Portraits

A professional photo of your team can introduce your company to the world and make a great first impression


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