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Redding Engagement Photos

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Studio or outdoors for your engagement and Save the Date cards

Redding Engagement photos can be made in the studio or outside if the weather is good and there are leaves on the trees. Of course we can shoot outdoors even in the winter with bare trees but we like having your photos look great so prefer to wait for later in the Spring when things are in full bloom if at all possible.

Many of these Redding engagement photo shoots are scheduled for the Save The Date cards you send your friends to announce the Big Day. My clever and crafty clients often have unique ways to express themselves with signs, symbols and locations that are meaningful to them. A good resource for ideas is Pinterest and Google Save the Date Cards to find a style and expression that fits your personalities.

If you want the EZ button for getting your Save the Date cards and thank you notes out quick and cheap we suggest using the website. They can have your custom photo cards in the mail the next day direct to your friends and guests! You design it, add the photo, enter names and addresses and they do all the work printing then getting them out the next business day for just over a buck each! Imagine having your wedding thank you notes done while you are still on your honeymoon, delivered again with photos from your wedding or maybe on the beach from your honeymoon trip!

One great tradition from the Deep South that is still popular is doing a studio bridal photo in your dress before the wedding. This is great for you to capture all the details in your gown, to see what the fit and form is and to have a print made to give to Dad during the reception. Often you will see your Dad in tears as he walks around the hall proudly showing the image of his daughter you were thoughtful enough to give to him!

Even though we do not do weddings on location anymore we are happy to do the formal photos here in the studio or outside. If you are doing a non church wedding we can get you tons of photos in an hour of you and the groom, the bridal party and family members.

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