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Kids Studio Pictures

It happens all the time. Your kids pictures on the wall and on your phone tend to weigh heavily on the oldest child.
The first kidling into the family is lavished with all the attention of family and friends. The camera and video documentation is endless, parents just cannot get enough from the new addition. Parents, grandparents, neighbors, Mall shooters and the real pro photographers see your little monkey paraded past the lens over and over again for at least the first two years. 
The second child is welcomed to the family with a bit less fanfare. Maybe a newborn session but other photoshoots tend to be of both kids. Mind you, the child is loved just as much, but the desire, time and commitment to photos, both home and professional has waned.
If the stork brings yet more bundles of joy, photo sessions are often reduced to annual family pictures at Christmas time and the “good enough” school portraits everyone complains about.
Well, now is the time to stop that cycle of neglect. Here at TA Schmidt Photography we see parents all the time regretting not having more photos from the children’s early years. Senior parents come in embarrassed knowing that their 17 year old graduating child was last photographed when they were two or three years old! There is no record of the child growing up with their hobbies, friends, pets and interests.  The soulless school photos photos have been lost for years once relegated to the bottom dresser drawer and forever misplaced at some move down the line.
Is it time to capture the childhood of this moment of all your kids?
The annual Adorable Kids Contest going on right now gives you a two outfit photoshoot (one traditional and one story telling outfit and props) plus a print for you and for the contest all for only $29 per child. You will see different backgrounds and poses to fully reveal the personality of your little one. It’s good for boys and girls ages 12 years and under  Of course you can always get additional photos with packages to fit your family needs.  You can save your studio time and chat about what to bring by calling 244-2636.
Redding favorite photographer

How will your remember this age of your child without wonderful photos taken with their pets, props, hobbies and interests?


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