Dad and Kids for Family Portraits in Redding -

Dad and Kids for Family Portraits in Redding

It’s so nice to see Dad’s involved with the kids during family and Adorable Kids Contest sessions. Most of the time it is Mom bringing in the child and making all the decisions on clothing and props. Dad’s have a different perspective on the photos and it’s refreshing to see the style differences and approach. We all have a story that plays within our minds of who we are and how we fit into the family and society. For a child a great photograph is a sense of bonding and belonging. Kids nowadays need that more than ever with all that is going on around them…

What to wear for your portrait session?

Simple is always better. There is no need for a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns to distract the eye of the viewer. The faces, pose and orderly composition of the image is designed to show relationship and bonds.  With children we try to show how tall they are in relation to each other and share an insight into their pecking order in the family0. Who is dominant, who is passive  and who is the snuggler. Subtle clues into the dynamics of the portrait will remind you years from now of those special  quirks and habits that make your family unique.

Of course we love props for family sessions too! Got an old car that has been lovingly restored? Does your family love to fish or waterski on the lake? Is your family loaded with artists that have artwork we can build into your family heirloom photo?
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