Photo Restoration -

Photo Restoration

We have been getting a bunch of calls about fixing old photos that have been torn, burned, wet and otherwise damaged. Throwback Thursdays will be a new weekly Special we have for scanning and restoring old images starting in December 2015. This time of year we get lots of calls for taking important old prints that are often damaged and bringing them back to nearly original without the folds, creases and tears or missing parts.
Your important photos never leave your control, the scanning is done while you wait here at the downtown studio so you never worry about damaging or losing the photos in the mail! ┬áProfessional album sized print scanning start at $9.25 per photo with discounts available for 3 or more. It’s best to have the photos out of the albums and not behind glass for best results and most economical pricing.
There is still time to have your photos ready for Holiday gifts if you act before December 5th. Call 244-2636 for your scanning appointment.

Photo restoration

Restore your treasured photos before it is too late! Damaged images can often be repaired to near original quality.


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