Redding Photographer Part of Wizard Academy Book Photoshoot -

Redding Photographer Part of Wizard Academy Book Photoshoot

Weddings near Austin

Outside Austin Texas is the famous Wizard Academy which hosts over 1000 weddings a year

Wizard Academy Chapel Dulcinea

Overlooking the Texas hill country past the bell tower pf Chapel Dulcinea

Chapel Dulcinea photo by TA Schmidt Photography

Evening light silhouettes the Wizard Academy Chapel Dulcinea.

Austin TX Wizard Academy

You will love the landscaping around the famous Wizard Academy

Texas business school

The Wizard Academy is for dreamers, artists, business owners and those with a thirst for uncommon knowledge.

Last week”s shoot in Texas was at the famous Wizard’s Academy, a crazy scientist school for business owners and creative professionals. Located just minutes outside of Austin in the beautiful hill country, a group of 17 photographers spent two days documenting the art and grounds for a new book that will share the history and back story once the final two building complexes are complete. If you are an artist, author, musician, business owner or marketer you need to know about the magic going on at the most unusual school you will ever encounter.

A unique feature of the school is the romantic vision they freely share with the world.  On the property is Chapel Dulcinea which will host over 1,000 free weddings this year. With it’s classic bell tower the open air venue is perfect for small events and will yield many great photos with the landscaped surroundings.


tom s

P.S. Looking to be one of the first ever in the world? The Academy is creating a ground breaking certified Scotch Sommelier program that is ideal for restaurants or to impress your dinner party friends. Showmanship, story telling, hard spirits history and of course developing the palate for fine alcohol will make the two year program an adventure.


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