Redding High School Sports and Senior Pictures -

Redding High School Sports and Senior Pictures

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Redding cheerleaders

Foothill cheerleaders stack the halftime at the Enterprise high school gym

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Action sports photos by TA Schmidt Photography

Foothill vs Enterprise high school basketball in Redding CA 2015

I have always enjoyed shooting high school games and matches.

The youthful energy and spirit when the school turns out to support the team rival any college or pro game but you see the kids you see around town.

Here in the far North state there are some must see games each year.

Of course the RiverBowl is a classic.

I also enjoy the West Valley vs Central Valley football game that is late in the season and often played in mud.

Any Anderson wrestling match will give you good entertainment and action.

Shasta girls volleyball usually ends up someplace in the playoff race too.

But for pure action and excitement for the entire game nothing beats the Foothill vs Enterprise basketball.

This is hoop at it’s most fun.

Hard press.

Drive to the hole.

Tough rebounding.

Gotta love the effort the kids put out.


tom s


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