Redding Family Photos -

Redding Family Photos

Christmas, Thanksgiving and Graduation week are the three most popular times to have family photos made.

Any time the family gathers is your opportunity to capture the moment with everyone ready and mostly willing.

Summertime family reunions are when we do the largest groups.

Family, Children, High school senior, newborn, pet and glamour photos

Family portraits from 2 people to 50 and above. In the studio or outdoors from Redding’s #1 family photographer TA Schmidt Photography.

When you have the core family, add grandparents and then cousins and nieces etc the groups can balloon to 50 or more!

No surprise, another big event is adoptions.

A new child in the family is a wonderful happy time.

We sell lots of gift certificates given to parents with new adopted children for the very first family portrait.

Of course we have the option to shoot in the studio or outdoors.

Depending on the weather, the style you want, and number of people in the photograph.

Call for the free clothing consultation.

Wearing a bad combination of clothing will ruin all the effort of getting the clan together.

Call 244-2636 to chat or schedule!


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