How is your new year starting? -

How is your new year starting?

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Just two weeks into the new year and it’s already time for the first accountability check.

How many of those New Years Resolutions are still going strong and how many need a restart, reboot, reconfigure or rethink?

This is the perfect time of year to look at your life through the 80/20 lens frame.

What are the 20% of things that you do each day that are giving you the 80% of your desired results.

More important often in this crazy stressful time, what are those annoying little things you still do that should be vanquished from your life so you can speed all your time on the high value targets?

Aside from finishing off the final 2014 orders, prepping for the Annual Photogenic Kids Contest, Valentines MakeOver Photoshoots and getting ourselves ready for seniors 2016 this time of year we also do the annual studio clean out.

Props, products, processes, pricing, equipment and general direction all all sorted and evaluated to make sure this year meets are expectations and demands.

Things that are boring, under used, not wanted, annoying, no longer profitable or just take up too much space are removed.

New things are brought in to upgrade or replace or test for the year.

Always, something is being tried and improved.

It keeps life interesting and fresh.


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