Photographing Redding Family Portraits for nearly 40 years! -

Photographing Redding Family Portraits for nearly 40 years!

Redding family portraits in the studio or your home

Studio family photos are easy with TA Schmidt Photography. No worries about the weather or having room at your home.

It has been a beehive of activity since Thanksgiving with family portrait sessions.

This next week to ten days will be no different as family members gather for the Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations.

Kids are out of school.

Military members are on leave for a few days.

Relatives are traveling across country now that gasoline has again dropped to a reasonable price per gallon.

I am even shooting a large family session on Christmas Day again this year!

That is what happens when you only get the clan together once in a blue moon….

Remember, in the studio we don’t have to deal with weather issues, bare naked trees and mud outside or trying to clean up the house for family photos in front of the fireplace.

We are so easy to find in downtown Redding and with parking in front and back plus the wheelchair ramp to make it easy on Grandpa and the little kids it would be a shame to miss out this year on the gathering.

Large family groups are fine. Just last Saturday we did a group of 29 in the studio with no problems getting them all in and looking good.

It is best to chat about clothing before your come in so the family will look good together.

A mish mash of colors and patterns will do nothing for making the images a treasure for generations.

A few simple guides will guarantee success and a good time will be had by all!

Call the studio at 244-2636 to reserve your spot.


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