Redding Change of Season Signals -

Redding Change of Season Signals

Seniors, family, children and glamour sessions

Seniors 2015 are coming to an end and family sessions are beginning to take over the TA Schmidt Photography appointment book.

The little rain, lightning and thunder from yesterday was the first strong signal that our seasons for the year are coming to a wintery end.

With that we are near the close of 2015 high school senior yearbook sessions.

And the beginning of Fall Family Photo sessions both in the comfortable studio and outdoors to show off the fall colors that are starting to peek through.

Remember as you are planning your family session that the annual time change will make thing get darker FAST– by 5pm it will be too dark to work outdoors so you need to make arrangements to have your photo shoot no later than 4pm– even better would be 3:30 to give you time for different groupings and combinations.

You can call the studio for ideas on clothing and locations. Depending on your family needs there are tons of ways to make your photos a treasure for generations.

With your pets.

Your classic car collection.

In your backyard or fav room in your home.

At the ranch with the horses before they pick up the “winter woolies”.

What a great time to capture your clan while everyone is healthy and happy.


tom s


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