Munchkin Mania in Redding -

Munchkin Mania in Redding

Children photos

For over 20 years we have been photographing local day care and preschool children.

Along with all the high school seniors we photograph each year in Redding we also have a route of Day Care Centers and Pre Schools.

Mornings are spent with the 1-5 year olds often getting their very first photo shoot outside the home.

As always we bring a studio worth equipment and often backgrounds and props (live bunnies!) during the 1-3 photos days held at each facility every year.

Some of the times we do class composites where each individual photo is combined by class for the class photo and other operations prefer the large group shot with all the kids in one image.

Either way it is a great opportunity for kids and parents to remember the special friends and teachers they meet at this young age.

Here is a fun shot from yesterday’s group of kids and staff from Kids & Me Preschool in East Redding.


They are here!

The first colors of the season are starting to pop so now is a great time to call for your family or late senior session.

We usually only get about 4 weeks of good weather ande col.ors before the leaves drop so don’t delay!


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