Redding Seniors Finish Strong -

Redding Seniors Finish Strong

What will you do after senior year in school

Seniors show off personality and dreams with great photos from TA Schmidt Photography

These last few weeks of senior yearbook season have been a blur of fun sessions and shooting tons of creative students.

In the studio we have all the control with lighting, backgrounds and comfortable temps to get just the right mood and look.

Outdoors we have not only the Hollywood style portrait park but all the area’s natural beauty to tell the best possible visual story.

This has been a rare year when no seniors took us up on the Eureka Coast shoot. Always one of my favs to shoot on the beach at sunset. There is STILL time to do the FAMILY session over there and end the day with fresh crab and french bread on the wharf!

We still have a few last minute openings for 2015 seniors. Just call the studio at 244-2636 to see when we can squeeze you into the schedule!


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