Wedding fun this last weekend in Redding -

Wedding fun this last weekend in Redding

This is a sneak peek from the weekend… the second wedding I have done in the last decade!

Now I remember why we DO NOT do weddings.

The bride and family only sees you there for the day.

Six-ten-twelve hours of shooting yields a ton of images all that have to be processed.

First edit…over a thousand shots gone though one at a time to delete dorky looks, bad angles and lighting, people walking in front of the camera etc.

Second edit… over 700 shots to color correct and crop.

Third edit… over 600 shots arranged to tell the story, loaded onto the website for remote ordering and previews.

Fourth edit…. helping families choose their favs.

Fifth edit… final tweaks on selected images.

Sixth edit…. building and ordering the album and additional prints.

Seventh edit… sorting photos for various families and individuals.

The massive time involved is no where near what anyone but another photographer expects.


tom s


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