TGIF...Thank God it's Fall in Redding! -

TGIF…Thank God it’s Fall in Redding!

Was out this morning at 7am shooting with the beautiful soft light.

You can see some of the trees starting to pick up their fall color hues.

The air felt different.

Not so dry and you could smell that musty autumn scent that is a bit more heavy than summers lighter tones.

Hard to believe we are just about a month away from Halloween.

Then the mad rush into the big Holidays.

But for now, high school seniors are still filling the schedule.

Only 3 weeks or so for deadlines so NOW would be a good time to lock in your time and date.

We have openings for girls with the FREE MakeOvers the next couple weeks.

Guys of course are still demanding fun sports pix and we are having a blast with some of our actions photos.

Call 244-2636 to schedule your shoot.


tom s

Senior pictures

We love sports and dance. My two fav subjects have stories to tell with their images.


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