Models Wanted...Women ages 19-25 -

Models Wanted…Women ages 19-25

Got an idea for setting up a winter project and need a fresh stable of female models ages 19-35.

I am not expecting Kate Upton but do want to find 5-9 reliable girls in decent shape with strong features, great eyes and strong cheekbones that I would expect to photograph well.

With luck one will stand out with the right chemistry and poise to become my 2015 muse.

Ideally I will end up with a full range of skin colors and face structures.

In a perfect world I would find the blackest black from Nigeria to the palest white skin from Northern Europe…plus all between with Hispanics and Asians.

It would be nice to have some length but more important is proportion.  Even a tiny 5″1″ model can look tall if much of the body is legs.

If you are interested and qualify send a selfie headshot, age, height, dress size and best contact phone # to


tom s

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