The Redding creative team... -

The Redding creative team…

It’s all too easy to give too much credit to just one person of a creative effort.

You could pimp the photographer for his great vision and technique.

Or credit the stylist for her wonderful use of color and skills with hair and contouring.

Or be blown away by the amazing beauty of the model with all her charms.

But in isolation they are not nearly the sum of the parts engaged.

Working together makes the image pop.

Each contributes years of skills hard fought to develop and hone.

No matter what your passion, no matter who your hero… they did not get there alone.

Celebrate the team and those unseen players that make things work.


tom s

Redding creatives make photography an art

Creatives work best as a team to build a better image. Build the right team to take your ideas beyond the ordinary.


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