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Dressing for the family portrait

Redding family pictures by TA Schmidt Photography

Family portrait clothing colors don’t have to be drab. Show personality but limit the selection to three main colors.

Family picture time for Mom can be a stressful event.

Getting the gang together in one place and one time is hard enough but trying to match clothing so the the finished result is great takes more time and planning.

The simple way to design your clothing combos is to limit to COLORS to no more than three similar hues and tonalities.

Try to avoid strong contrast because it is natural for the viewers eye to first see the point of contrast. A great/bad example is wearing a white top with black slacks. All the attention goes to the belt line where the two colors touch… and most people would rather not draw attention to the waistline! Also very poor is when a couple splits the dark and light colors… Dad wearing black and Mom in her fav white.  Opposites do not attract well in photos!

Certain greens, bright pinks and bug yellows are known to make the skin colors look sickly. Your best choice is keep it simple with natural solid colors with no patterns and stripes.

Taking a few minutes before the shoot to fine tune the wardrobe will insure a life time of enjoyment.  A bad selection of clothing will be a reminder on your wall for decades that could have fixed with just a little fore thought.


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