Sugar and Spice... -

Sugar and Spice…

2015 senior portrait time

Redding high school seniors choose TA Schmidt Photography for the most variety for their senior pics.

If you are thinking senior photos have to look like your Grandma’s or Mother’s boring drape and pearl shot you may be thinking of only the out of town contract shooters that breeze into Redding for the Slam Bam sessions without all the options seniors really want.

Lots of promises of variety and skill.

Teaser images that were taken not by the photographers on site but by the corporate hotshots that never see the day to day grind in area school gyms and local empty rentals.

So if you were a tad underwhelmed by the experience or imagery your fall back guy for nearly 40 years is TA Schmidt Photography.

The real downtown studio with not only three unique camera rooms with hundreds of backgrounds and props.

An outdoor Hollywood style portrait park.

And over 10,000 seniors photographed of all kinds of body shapes and special attitudes.

You need chemistry to get great photos. Communication between the subject and the guy with the camera.

Not rushed because there are 357 other seniors from your class lined up behind you.

You are only a senior once…. choose well with your senior portrait photographer.


tom s


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